Upswell was co-founded by Stanford University & Indian Institute of Technology graduates. Our team has PhDs & graduate degrees in Machine Learning, mathematics, statistics, engineering, and computer science. We have combined 100+ years of team experience in data science, machine learning, and AI. 

Our vision at Upswell is simple - provide extraordinary business services to organizations, allowing them to thrive. Our team of world class developers and data scientists consults and advises various organizations on their data science and technology needs.  With offices in New York City and St. Louis, we work with leading organizations and entrepreneurs across the country.

DATA SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SERVICES - Our customized data science and technology driven analytics and solutions empower the world’s leading startups, hedge funds, corporations, law firms and nonprofits to innovate, solve problems, and make optimal business decisions.

UPSWELL LABS - Our team of developers and data scientists creates new products and, if viable, we partner with entrepreneurs to operate and scale the business.



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