In the past two years, more data has been generated than in all of prior human history.  However, less than 0.5% of data is being analyzed and utilized. 

Upswell is an analytics company. We help organizations utilize data science, machine learning, and AI in order to innovate, solve problems, and make optimal business decisions.  

Below are our practice areas.  If your organization can benefit from Upswell's expertise and experience, we would love to speak



  • Predictive Analytics

  • Knowledge/Process Automation

  • Social Media Listening Tools

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Business Data Analytics

  • Customer Analytics

  • Data Integration, Mapping, and Visualization

  • Optimization Techniques

  • Evaluations

  • Predictive Maintenance


  • Marketing

  • Financial Services

  • E-commerce

  • General Business (corporate, startups, retail)

  • Healthcare

  • Legal

  • Nonprofits/Government

  • Political Campaigns

  • Manufacturing



Marketing (Marketing Analytics, Social Listening Tools)

  • Multi Channel Attribution (which marketing channels are driving sales, calculate RoIs for each marketing channel spend).

  • Predictive/Personalization (using clustering techniques of other similar products or customers to personalize targeting)

  • Monitor what social media is saying about organization.

Financial Services (Knowledge/Process Automation, Data Integration)

  • Use machine learning/AI to automate/enhance both back office and front office functions.

  • Work with money managers to integrate data science into their investment analysis.

E-commerce (Predictive Analytics)

  • Recommendation Engines (when clients view or purchase a product, recommending other products they might purchase as well).

General Business (Customer Analytics, Business Data Analytics, Knowledge/Process automation, Optimization)

  • Which customers present cross sell opportunities.

  • Harness internal data to improve supply chain.

  • Machine Learning & AI fueled Chatbots.

  • Optimal pricing (dynamic pricing).

Healthcare (Customer Analytics, Evaluations)

  • Help insurance providers personalize health recommendations for patients.

  • Evaluate effectiveness of medicines, doctors, or patient outcomes.

Legal (Predictive Analytics)

  • Predictive coding for e-discovery of documents.

Nonprofits/Government (Evaluations)

  • Evaluate effectiveness of schools, hospitals, programs.

Political Campaigns (Predictive Analytics)

  • Identify voters most likely to vote for candidate and how to reach them most effectively.

Manufacturing (Predictive Maintenance)

  • Predict when machines will break down ahead of time (reduce disruptions).